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Sun and Moon Tapestry

  • Good Morning Large Tapestry

    Good Morning Large Tapestry

    USD 29.99
  • Orbit Small Tapestry

    Orbit Small Tapestry

    USD 21.99
  • Rashi Small Tapestry

    Rashi Small Tapestry

    USD 21.99
  • Kashi Large Tapestry

    Kashi Large Tapestry

    USD 32.99
  • Blessing Large Tapestry

    Blessing Large Tapestry

    Regular Price: USD 29.99

    Special Price USD 27.99

  • Dope Large Tapestry

    Dope Large Tapestry

    USD 29.99
  • Ahana Large Tapestry

    Ahana Large Tapestry

    USD 27.99
  • Blessing Small Tapestry

    Blessing Small Tapestry

    USD 21.99
  • Ideal Small Tapestry

    Ideal Small Tapestry

    USD 21.99
  • Burning Sun Small Tapestry

    Burning Sun Small Tapestry

    USD 21.99
  • Bhanu Small Tapestry

    Bhanu Small Tapestry

    USD 21.99
  • Ring Small Tapestry

    Ring Small Tapestry

    USD 21.99
  • Karvi Large Tapestry

    Karvi Large Tapestry

    USD 32.99
  • Astrology Small Tapestry

    Astrology Small Tapestry

    USD 21.99
  • Surya Small Tapestry

    Surya Small Tapestry

    USD 23.99
  • Dope Small Tapestry

    Dope Small Tapestry

    USD 21.99
  • Heena Large Tapestry

    Heena Large Tapestry

    USD 29.99
  • Affection Large Tapestry

    Affection Large Tapestry

    USD 29.99

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Tapestries like sun and moon tapestries, zodiac tapestries, celestial tapestries, moon wall tapestries etc. are getting more popular these days. They are the latest trend and loved by the new generation. We all have checked the astrological forecast for our zodiac signs, at least once in life and there are people who own a strong faith on them. People also find their zodiac signs fashionable and so want it to be decorated in their room. By using Zodiac tapestries they also feel closer with their sun signs as they can always have a look over on them. It provides a unique mystic charm to the room.


The sun and moon tapestries depict a unique cartooned dominance of sun over the moon. It is a new subject which is rapidly gaining momentum in the market. Some celestial tapestries can also be used on ceilings to give a planetarium look to the room. They have vibrant colors and are highly different and versatile. Tapestries on the subject of heavenly bodies like sun and moon tapestries, celestial tapestries, moon wall tapestries add a distinctive touch for the room. Human beings have always been curious and fascinated towards these heavenly bodies and now people want them in their tapestries. The cartooned are loved by kids and teenagers especially because it makes their prosaic walls, casual and interesting.


Unlike others, these tapestries don’t need special light effects they look pretty good in normal light. Thanks to the modern machines and methods of making tapestries that these wonderful decorative accessories which was once reserved for the rich and noble are now budget-friendly and available for everyone today. The elegant colours used in these tapestries will match your room decor. The unique subjects make these tapestries different from traditional tapestries and give a new dynamic look to the room. Beside wall hangings and furniture covers, they can also be used as the beach blanket, picnic blanket and room divider. They are constructed from 100percent fine cotton which makes them skin friendly. The use of high-quality fabrics makes them bright and pretty for years.

Sun and Moon Tapestry

Minimal Price: USD 21.99