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Large Tapestries

  • Large Psychedelic Peacock Tapestry

    Large Psychedelic Peacock Tapestry

    USD 29.99
  • Babe Favourite Large Tapestry

    Babe Favourite Large Tapestry

    USD 29.99
  • Good Morning Large Tapestry

    Good Morning Large Tapestry

    USD 29.99
  • Ocean Large Tapestry

    Ocean Large Tapestry

    USD 29.99
  • Paradise Large Tapestry

    Paradise Large Tapestry

    USD 30.99
  • Hippie Large Tapestry

    Hippie Large Tapestry

    USD 29.99
  • Parade Large Tapestry

    Parade Large Tapestry

    USD 29.99
  • Beryl Large Tapestry

    Beryl Large Tapestry

    USD 31.99
  • Sea Large Tapestry

    Sea Large Tapestry

    USD 29.99
  • Kali Large Tapestry

    Kali Large Tapestry

    USD 21.99
  • Valentine Large Tapestry

    Valentine Large Tapestry

    USD 29.99
  • Integrity Large Tapestry

    Integrity Large Tapestry

    USD 29.99
  • Ocean Wall Large Tapestry

    Ocean Wall Large Tapestry

  • Emerald Large Tapestry

    Emerald Large Tapestry

    USD 29.99
  • Kashi Large Tapestry

    Kashi Large Tapestry

    USD 32.99
  • Madhura Large Tapestry

    Madhura Large Tapestry

    USD 29.99
  • Live Large Tapestry

    Live Large Tapestry

    USD 29.99
  • Love Large Tapestry

    Love Large Tapestry

    USD 21.99

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Tapestries are never restricted by size and comes in as small as a handkerchief to large enough to cover a building, the large tapestries have become a hallmark for tapestry. “A big designer or painted fabrics” occupies our mind whenever we hear the word tapestry. In early times, the vast halls of castles were decorated with even larger and more luxurious tapestry that served as screens to keep out the cold and wind. In the past, they were used only by kings and aristocracies to decorate their forts, homes and churches. Hence, the weavers focused more on making extra-large tapestries. The small ones were not that popular. Owning a tapestry was a sign of wealth, grandeur and power. On public occasions, they were displayed proudly as evidence of their owner’s social importance which was enriched with noble metals like gold, silver etc. and silk threads.


Though they are mostly suitable for large rooms with big ceilings, they can be used in small rooms to create a dense effect. Large tapestry doesn't let the room dry and provide entertainment and thoughts for the mind with their depiction of stories from the bible, mythology and with their attracting portrayal and commentary on the modern lifestyle. The landscapes and greenery have always been popular subjects in tapestries but these days’ designs like the large Indian tapestries and Bohemian large tapestries are in trend. Unlike the traditional ones the large Indian tapestries gives your room a new look and add vibrant colours to the room. A little light effect will enhance its beauty.


The tapestries available here are made from 100% fine cotton so they are skin friendly, as well as remains bright and pretty for years because of the Top quality fabrics and dye. The Queen Size tapestry is extra-large in size with big dimensions. Queen size tapestries are perfect for queen or king size bed. They are perfect to carry for fun with your family and friends to beach and picnic. They look beautiful as wall hanging and is hot trend for decorating your sacred space. They are huge enough to be used as wall hangings, bed cover, large furniture cover and curtains. The quality is unmatched and you will feel the difference within few days of usage.

Large Tapestries

Minimal Price: USD 17.99