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Elephant Tapestry

  • Hippie Large Tapestry

    Hippie Large Tapestry

    USD 29.99
  • Tie Dye Psychedelic Star Elephant Tapestry

    Tie Dye Psychedelic Star Elephant Tapestry

    USD 21.99
  • Madhura Large Tapestry

    Madhura Large Tapestry

    USD 29.99
  • Boho Small Tapestry

    Boho Small Tapestry

    USD 21.99
  • Blessing Large Tapestry

    Blessing Large Tapestry

    Regular Price: USD 29.99

    Special Price USD 27.99

  • Gaja Small Tapestry

    Gaja Small Tapestry

    USD 21.99
  • Kingdom Large Tapestry

    Kingdom Large Tapestry

    USD 28.99
  • Ghoomar Large Tapestry

    Ghoomar Large Tapestry

    USD 30.99
  • UP Haathi Large Tapestry

    UP Haathi Large Tapestry

    USD 31.99
  • Dope Large Tapestry

    Dope Large Tapestry

    USD 29.99
  • Rainbow Colorful Elephant Tapestry Wall hangings

    Rainbow Colorful Elephant Tapestry Wall hangings

    Regular Price: USD 21.99

    Special Price USD 19.99

  • Red Sun Tapestries Elephant Bedding Beach tapestry

    Red Sun Tapestries Elephant Bedding Beach tapestry

    USD 27.99
  • Eccentric Small Tapestry

    Eccentric Small Tapestry

    USD 21.99
  • Lucky Charms Small Tapestry

    Lucky Charms Small Tapestry

    USD 21.99
  • Yuvan Large Tapestry

    Yuvan Large Tapestry

    USD 29.99
  • Lucky Charms Large Tapestry

    Lucky Charms Large Tapestry

    USD 29.99
  • Ghoomar Small Tapestry

    Ghoomar Small Tapestry

    USD 21.99
  • Colorful Tie Dye Elephant Wall Hanging Tapestry Throw

    Colorful Tie Dye Elephant Wall Hanging Tapestry Throw

    USD 29.99

Tapestries have always been known for its vast range of styles and designs. One of the popular and latest designs in tapestries is the Elephant tapestry. In many cultures, elephant symbolize strength and power. They also symbolize many significant religious meanings. The elephant is known for their strength, intelligence and sober nature. In Hinduism, Lord Ganesha is often depicted as an elephant and is a symbol of wisdom. In Asian cultures, an elephant is a symbol of good luck, happiness and longevity. The intelligence and high memory they possess are also admired. In Christianity, they symbolize temperance as well as patience and chastity. In other cultures, Elephant symbol represents reliability, pride, royalty and dignity. In South Asia, the elephant designs are used to decorate Palaces, forts and royal furniture.


Elephant tapestries have unique designs of small beautiful Elephant motifs mostly in a circular pattern. Elephant tapestry wall hanging adds a unique soberness and royalty on the prosaic walls that won’t go unnoticed by your friends and guests. They come in vast colours such black and white, purple, pink, red etc. They all are awesome and beautiful in their own ways. There are also combinations of different colours. Such Colourful elephant tapestry is ideal with a little light effect. The elephant tapestry beddings are ideal for bed covers. They give a pleasing and traditional look to the bed. Elephant designs are also combined with different designs which create a new design. The Mandala Elephant tapestry is a combination of beautiful elephant motifs and Ghoomar Dance in Rajasthan. .Also, these tapestries won’t burden your pocket because they are available at cheap prices. So fill your room with positivity and uniqueness with elephant tapestries.


Our Elephant tapestry symbolize noble things such as wisdom, courage, stature and strength. elephant is symbol of good luck. Our Elephant Tapestry will bring good vibes to your place. Elephant tusks in particular are known to symbolize great strength. You can have sacred and noble elephant tapestry wall hanging for your room home and beach.


The colourful elephant tapestry available here, are multipurpose and can be used in outings such as picnic, beaches as well as in indoor too as wall hanging, bedspread, furniture cover, yoga mat etc. They are made up of 100% fine cotton that pampers your skin and protects it from allergies and rashes. The quality is unmatched and you won’t find such quality in other online stores. The fabric used is of high quality that made it bright and pretty for years. Also, the use of vegan dye ensures your support for animal rights don’t go vain. Use it and feel the difference.

Elephant Tapestry

Minimal Price: USD 19.99