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Tapestry Wall Hangings

  • Green Meditation Poster

    Green Meditation Poster

    USD 14.99
  • Purple Tree Fabric Poster

    Purple Tree Fabric Poster

    USD 14.99
  • Parrot Green Ganesha Poster

    Parrot Green Ganesha Poster

    USD 14.99
  • Tie Dye Tree Fabric Poster

    Tie Dye Tree Fabric Poster

    USD 14.99
  • Blue Blessing Buddha Poster

    Blue Blessing Buddha Poster

    USD 14.99
  • Multicolor Bob Marley Printed Poster Model 3

    Multicolor Bob Marley Printed Poster Model 3

    USD 14.99
  • Green Ganesha Fabric Poster

    Green Ganesha Fabric Poster

    USD 14.99
  • Purple Peacock Poster

    Purple Peacock Poster

    USD 14.99
  • Orange Shiva Poster

    Orange Shiva Poster

    USD 14.99
  • Yellow Good luck sun Poster

    Yellow Good luck sun Poster

    USD 14.99
  • Red Ganesha Fabric Poster

    Red Ganesha Fabric Poster

    USD 14.99
  • Yellow Ganesha Fabric Poster

    Yellow Ganesha Fabric Poster

    USD 14.99
  • Yellow Ganesha Poster

    Yellow Ganesha Poster

    USD 14.99
  • Turquoise Natraj Poster

    Turquoise Natraj Poster

    USD 14.99
  • Blue Ganesh Poster

    Blue Ganesh Poster

    USD 14.99
  • Turquoise Sun Look Poster

    Turquoise Sun Look Poster

    USD 14.99
  • Purple Sun moon Look Poster

    Purple Sun moon Look Poster

    USD 14.99
  • Blue Ganesha Poster

    Blue Ganesha Poster

    USD 14.99

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Tapestry Wall Hanging and Bedspread - Unique way for Bohemian, Hippie and Ethnic Home Decor
Tapestries are trendy way to decor your wall and home. You can also use these as amazing throw for beach and picnic blankets. Hippie tapestry is also used as bohemian bedspread to decor your room and apartment. All these wall tapestries are 100% cotton vegan and handmade in India.

Decor your living room, college dorm room, Bedroom, apartment or Outdoor area with our Beautiful and Vibrant decorative Wall Tapestries. These Tapestries uplift the decor and energy of space and comes in variety of style and colors that suit your vibes. At Multimate Collection you can shop our Handmade Tapestries are made of 100% cotton and Vegan in Nature. We at Multimate Collection from India present Bohemian Tapestries, Zodiac, Sun Moon, Tree of life, Elephant tapestry, Tie Dye Tapestries, Psychedelic and many more designs to give warmth to your home and apartment.

Our Hippie and Bohemian style Tapestries has amazing colors, artistic Mandala and floral design contribute to enhance the decor of your space in magnificent way. Our Fabric Wall decor arts are made in Indian villages of Rajasthan.

Our store Multimate collection has numerous designs of tapestries and Bedspread at very reasonable prices for this exclusive decorative item. Our Tapestries range will surpise you guest and friends in addition to beauty of your place Create eye-catching atmosphere by placing a cool and awesome hippie style tapestry over headboard of the bed. Our tapestries are multiple uses. Apart from hanging it up You can use it as Bedspread, Bed throw, Sofa or couch cover, table cover, Picnic blanket and more interesting uses.

We at Multimate collection provide Wall tapestries of good quality and double checked before dispatching to lovely customers.

Tapestry Wall Hangings

Minimal Price: USD 14.99